U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Reno Flotilla 11-03

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Vessel Safety Checks at Frenchman's Lake

During National Safe Boating Week the Reno Flotilla did Vessel Safety Checks at Lake Almanor. Following this, the Reno Flotilla followed up with inspections at Frenchman's Lake in Plumas County, CA over Father's Day weekend.

Reno Auxiliarists participating in the event were (L to R in light and dark blue uniforms), Tom Temkin, Robin Morgan, Pete Rast, Roger Haynes, Linda Haynes,Keith White, Ron Kelley, Kathy Boyne, Bryce Leinan, and John Boyne. We were assisted by members of the Plumas County Sheriff's Department.

The Reno Auxiliarists checked boats for compliance with state and federal requirements. To get a Vessel Safety Check, click on the logo below.

VSC Day at Frenchman's Lake 2014

Our Flotilla supports recreational boating safety in the Reno/ Tahoe region including Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe. Operational Patrols include Safety, Security, and Search and Rescue missions. Boating Safety Classes and Vessel Safety Checks are programs that help keep recreational boaters safe on the water.  Our boating safety classes meet requirements for the state of Nevada and California.


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Image of Pelican Launch Ramp washed away from waves on Pyramid Lake

The operator of a boat must be aware of the weather that they will be operating in before they go on the water. Weather in this area can vary widely, from excessive sun to excessive storm, and boaters must be prepared for any expected conditions.  For example, boaters on Pyramid Lake should be aware of the wind conditions that can make for dangerous conditions very quickly.  The picture above shows what a south-easterly can do to Pelican Point ramps.


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Flotilla Missions

Some of the primary missions of the flotilla include Public Education and Training, offering Safety Patrols for a variety of on-the-water events, Navigation Aids Verification, Vessel Safety Checks, and Member Training.

As a member of the Flotilla, you can participate in supporting these and other missions.  The rewards from membership include the honor of working as an integral part of and alongside the United States Coast Guard, providing service to the boating community, getting great traiing and experience, and enjoying the fellowship of the Auxiliary.

Join the Flotilla

The Reno Flotilla is a volunteer organization. We are supported by the United States Coast Guard and other local agencies such as the Nevada Department of Wildlife, and by the generous contributions of our members. We strive to promote boating safety through our rigorous training and dedication to service.

You can become a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Contact our Human Resource staff officer listed on the Staff Officer List.

Next Business Meeting

Business meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the Truckee Meadows Water Authority Building. These are public meetings. You are always invited to attend and meet the members and officers of the Flotilla as our guests.  See the Flotilla Calendar for specific dates.