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Winter Dry Suit Swim at Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe

Pat (L) and Dee Walter prepare for winter dry suit swim at Lake Tahoe

North Shore Auxiliarist Pat Walter (L) and Reno Auxiliarist Dee Walter (R) prepare for the mandatory dry suit swim held each winter at Lake Tahoe. Golden retriever Buoy looks at the lake and decides to stay on shore.

Dry suits are required for Auxiliarists performing winter patrols. Should a mishap occur and an Auxiliarist end up in the water (typically below 40 degrees fahrenheit in mid winter), the survival time is less than one hour. Muscle immobility however, occurs much sooner than that and it is likely that survival time without a dry suit is less than fifteen minutes.


Reno Facility, The Melroy

During the last two weeks of June, members of the Reno Flotilla worked on the hull of The Melroy. The Melroy is a 1986 Boston Whaler and was in need of a new hull coating and graphics. Nine members of the flotilla sanded the hull, filled in redundant through hull penetrations and recoated it with four coats of an epoxy barrier coat the following weekend. The boat was then taken to a sign painter for new graphics. We are proud of the results and this should keep our search and rescue boat in good condition for years to come.

Tom Temkin, Keith White and Ron Kelley observe the Melroy being lifted so that the entire hull could be sanded

Keith White (L), Tom Temkin (middle) and Ron Kelley (R) observe as Mike Lawrence carefully raises the Melroy so that it can be blocked and the hull completely sanded.

Keith White and Mike Lawrence discuss the sanding of the hull

Mike Lawrence (L) and Keith White (R) discuss the sanding of the hull of the Melroy.

Ron Kelley does fiberglass repair on a redundant through hull penetration

Ron Kelley repairs a previous through hull penetration that was allowing water to enter the core of the hull. Ron previously worked at a marine repair shop in Connecticut and ably repaired our boat for us.

Thanks to Reno Flotilla members John Boyne, Mike Lawrence, Ron Kelley, Tom Komadina, Bryce Leinan, Bill Stolz, Keith White, Tom Temkin and Paul Miner for getting the boat back in great condition!



Reno Flotilla 3 Leadership 2015

The Reno Flotilla is fortunate to have experienced leadership. John Boyne is our Flotilla Commander while Bryce Leinan is our Vice Flotilla Commander. Both John and Bryce are long time members of the Reno Flotilla.

John Boyne Flotilla Commander

John Boyne has been in the Reno Flotilla since 1998. He has held many positions during that time period including Flotilla Commander for the Reno Flotilla and Division Commander for the Sierra Division. John is active in the operational side of our flotilla and is a Coxswain. Besides holding the Vice Flotilla Commander position this year, John is also the Reno Flotilla's Navigational Systems, and Public Education Officer. He also is our flotilla secretary and is the Division 11 Communications officer.

Reno Flotilla Missions

Some of the primary missions of the flotilla include Public Education and Training, offering Safety Patrols for a variety of on-the-water events, Aids to Navigation Verification, Vessel Safety Checks, and Member Training.

As a member of the Flotilla, you can participate in supporting these and other missions.  The rewards from membership include the honor of working as an integral part of and alongside the United States Coast Guard, providing service to the boating community, getting great traiing and experience, and enjoying the fellowship of the Auxiliary.

Join the Flotilla

The Reno Flotilla is a volunteer organization. We are supported by the United States Coast Guard and other local agencies such as the Nevada Department of Wildlife, and by the generous contributions of our members. We strive to promote boating safety through our rigorous training and dedication to service.

You can become a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Contact our Human Resource staff officer listed on the Staff Officer List.

Next Business Meeting

Business meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the Truckee Meadows Water Authority Building. These are public meetings. You are always invited to attend and meet the members and officers of the Flotilla as our guests.  See the Flotilla Calendar for specific dates.